Vision that leads to results

Vision That Drives Results

In 2001, Shankman Leone began with a vision of “owning” what you do well. To us, that meant not being all things to all people, but rather being a boutique law firm focused on business litigation, franchise law, and labor and employment matters.

Our Philosophy

We’ve built a firm designed as an alternative to “big law” and one that demonstrates clients don’t need to hire large, multi-national law firms to successfully achieve their goals on time and within budget. Intellectual capital, hard work and strategic execution are key components to effective legal representation and we believe these shape the foundation of our philosophy—Outsmart, Outwork, Outmaneuver.

By design, our size allows more bandwidth than smaller firms, and more efficiency, flexibility and value than larger firms. This fuels our ability to demonstrate that more hours and higher billing rates don’t equal better results. Our small firm infrastructure allows us to deliver outstanding results without an excessive or unreasonable price tag. It also affords us the flexibility and agility to respond to unique client needs and demands by offering individualized and tailored service and solutions.

Our design also allows our clients the luxury of receiving hands-on and partner-level investment, which results in substantial institutional knowledge, better case management and controlled costs. It also means we are sensitive to and understand how a legal issue and solution may have far reaching impact on the business as a whole. And finally, we like what we do, and when our work helps our clients and friends to succeed in business, we experience a greater personal satisfaction from that result.

Our Experience

We represent clients all over the country in federal and state courts and arbitrations. This national reach provides access to some of the smartest and most advanced corporations and people from coast to coast, allowing us to share best practices and knowledge with our clients.

Our clients range from single owner businesses to national and multinational companies and franchise systems in the automotive after care, construction, grocery, hospitality, manufacturing, restaurant and service industries.